The Beginning.

My name is Gyll. The Eagle Blossom Collection is named in a unique way. The entire Eagle Blossom collection is connected with the collective. It is to connect the many Eagle species , their culture, the flowers and the 88 Eagle figurines that flew into my apartment!  I will explain here: First their was an eagle. An eagle I found in a basket. A basket that had random rocks with animal stamps on them. A basket that was in an aboriginal gift shop. After  randomly picking this rock with an eagle stamp on the back , I researched what it means, what eagles meant to me? What I learned in  my own words is that they fly over the bullshit. Well, that was all I needed to know. After that randomness , it never stopped. Every where I went that meant anything to me, I would find an eagle - not an actual eagle, but an eagle statue, jewelry, art, anything and everything of an eagle. I started to purchase eagle jewelry to wear.  Not looking for it, just coming across eagle jewelry. Which ever ones tha

Feathers Collection Blossoms by Alice

Feathers Collection - Fly by Stella

Feathers Collection - Higher by Roger

What is the FEATHERS Collection?

Nova Collection - Roger

Nova Collection- Scott


Nova Collection - Stella

Nova Collection- Alice

Nova Collection - Sarah